AIDA International is a non profit organization that was founded in 1992 to further the development of freediving. Over the years AIDA International has defined freedive disciplines and recognize and authenticate world records achieved in these disciplines. Today AIDA is the most important organization providing freediving courses worldwide.


The following price included taxi transfer for boat trip (Chalong/Kata/Karon/Patong)

AIDA 1 star freediving course | 2 days | THB 7,900

To discover the sport of freediving, this is your starting point. No experience is needed to enter this course where we cover the basics of breathing, general technique and safety for freediving.

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AIDA 2 star freediving course | 3 days | THB 9,900

This is the most challenging of the AIDA courses. We introduce you to the physics and physiology of freediving in order to have a better understanding of what happens to our body during a breath hold dive. Specific training and safety are an important part of the practical sessions where you will receive the tools to progress in a safe and solid way.

Performances to be achieved: STA 2’00 / DYN 40m / CWT 16m

AIDA 3 star freediving course | 4 days | THB 12,900

Improving and fine tuning the techniques that you already learned previously are the main goals of this course. Oriented more towards improving your personal performances whilst developing your safety and rescue skills will be the objective. The theory classes will cover in more detail subjects such as mammalian dive reflex, equalization techniques, freediving training concepts and more.

Performances to be achieved: STA 2’45 / DYN 55m / CWT 24m

AIDA 4 star freediving course | 5 days | THB 15,900

This course will introduce you to the world of advanced freediving. The latest techniques for deep freediving, conditioning of your body and planning your training sessions are the main subjects. This course will push you to the limits of your Freediving abilities in the safest possible way. This is the highest level a recreational freediver can be rewarded with.

Performances to be achieved: STA 3’30 / DYN 70m / CWT 32m

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Training Camps | THB 2,900 per day

You want to go training with professionals? You’re at the right spot! Freediving courses are an excellent way to learn all about freediving. But to improve your performance, you cannot get around some decent training. From equalization to physical conditioning and depth adaptation, we design the training that fits your specific needs. Just contact us to organize your individual training camp.

Mono Fin Workshop | THB 1,900

At some point during your training, you would want to upgrade to a mono fin. This powerful freediving tool is the most efficient propulsion method you can get. However, learning the mono fin technique can be a frustrating process. Our workshops our designed to help you master or fine-tune the right swimming technique.

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Equalization Workshop | THB 1,900

There are many obstacles in the process of deep freediving. One of them is equalization! Our equalization workshops are designed to help you understand and perform techniques such as Frenzel or mounth-fill for deeper dives.


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